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               Lilja’s Sasquatch Stout
                               (American  Extra-Stout)



Alcohol/v:   7.0%
Hop Variety:   Simian,  Tradition,   Millennium
Degrees Plato:   17
International Bittering Units   (IBUs):   60
Yeast Strain: Wyeast 1272 (American Ale 2)
Dry Hopped: no
Filtered: yes
Calories per  12/oz.  bottle:  240

For centuries indigenous peoples of the world have told stories of a giant hairy  monster - a veritable bogeyman that from time to time haunts the most primitive regions of the human psyche - the stuff of nightmares. These seemingly tall-tales tell of a large muscular creature covered with black or brown hair. Reports suggest the beast  appears to walk on two legs and leave large human-like footprints in the mud and snow. In the uplands of Tibet and Nepal, at the edge of the Himalayas, the creature is known as the Yeti. In Mongolia and the Caucasus the ape-like monster is called Almas, and in Siberia they call it Tjutjuna. In the dark rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia the people know him as Orang Pendek. In western Canada the native Americans call it Sasquatch. In recent decades American popular culture has named the hirsute being Bigfoot: a hairy, hominid, bipedal creature thought to live in the remote regions of the Pacific Northwest.

With  the apt moniker of Bigfoot,  sightings of the ape-like creature have resulted in controversial newspaper stories and books about the apeman. Such stories tell of sightings of the eldritch creature by otherwise credible witnesses. A typical sighting might involve a Bigfoot seen bounding across a lonely road late at night. If the occupants of the car are brave enough to return to the scene of the sighting, they often find singularly large human-like footprints in the soft ground. The noted Bigfoot researcher and cryptozoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson, has made numerous plaster casts of footprints thought to have been made by a heavy, bipedal creature. The problem with this is the fact that the footprints shouldn't really be there.  Based upon the fossil record, evolutionary theory precludes the presence of early hominids or apes in the New World. Simply put, other than humans, there aren’t, nor have there ever been, large primates in North America. "The very idea of an unknown primate living in North America is preposterous," said a noted professor at a prestigious American university. "It's simply impossible."

Say it ain’t so, Joe! Enter the Patterson-Gimlin film: During mid-October of 1967, two Bigfoot researchers from Yakima, Washington, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, were undertaking an expedition in the Bluff Creek region of northern California. While on horseback, the men rounded a bend in a dry river bottom and were startled by a large hairy creature. Though Patterson’s horse became frightened and reared
, throwing him from the saddle, he was able to retrieve his 16 mm Cini-Kodak hand-held camera and shoot thirty feet of color film. The remarkable film shows the grainy image of the creature as it unhurriedly, but agilely, moves away into the forest. The creature turns its head and torso to look at the men, and at this point large, pendulous, hair-covered breasts are visible, suggesting the animal is a female. Based upon footprints and critical analysis of the film, the creature appears to be larger than six feet tall and weigh well over four-hundred pounds.           

As with other animals relegated to the realm of cryptozoology, there is considerable debate. This discourse not only involves the taxonomical classification of Sasquatch, but whether or not such a creature exists at all. Some primatologists have suggested that the beast might be a relic hominid related to the now-extinct Asian hominid, Gigantopithocus. Others have suggested that the creature many not be entirely physical, moving in and out of our three dimensional world through a mechanism like string theory or ley lines. The controversy shows no sign of abating. So, wherever you are trekking, make sure you have a six-pack or two of Lilja’s Sasquatch Stout in your rucksack - because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. And at the end of the day, when it’s time to relax, there’s one stout that stands clear - you might say head and shoulders above the rest: LILJA’S SASQUATCH STOUT - IF YOU’VE GOT THE BEAST, WE’VE CERTAINLY GOT THE BEER.            

Brewed By Cheeseheads Behind The Cheddar Curtain....Ya Betcha


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