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                    Lilja’s Pulling Boat Pale Ale
          (West Coast American Pale Ale)


Technical Specifications  
Alcohol/v: 5.4%
Hop Variet: ade
Degrees Plato: 13
International Bittering Units
(IBUs): 44
Yeast Strain: Wyeast 1272
(American Ale 2)
Dry Hopped: no
Filtered: yes
Calories per 12/oz. bottle: 177

Winner BEST ALE,
2005 Fall-Fest-Of-Ale,
Janesville, Wisconsin

Lilja’s Pulling Boat Pale Ale is hand-crafted using a variety of choice American two-row malted barley and Cascade hops grown in the Yakima Valley of Washington State.  Under strictly controlled conditions, the boiling wort is force-cooled and fermented using a selected and pure strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a top-fermenting brewing yeast.  After several days of fermentation at 66-68 degrees Fahrenheit, the wort is now ale.  Before bottling, the ale is filtered and cold-conditioned to insure quality and freshness.

The Pulling Boat is a quintessential example of a West Coast American Pale Ale, a style rekindled during the 1970s and 1980s  beer-renaissance of traditional ale brewing. The malt bill of 3%, ten Lovibond crystal malt and 97% pale ale malt gives the Pulling Boat its deep golden color. The exclusive use of one pound of Cascade hops per barrel in the brew kettle fosters the delightfully fragrant nose and snappy crisp palate.

Embodying the perfect marriage between sweet malted barley and the citrus-floral Cascade hop, Lilja’s Pulling Boat Pale Ale is a delightfully clean, medium-body, well-attenuated American pale ale. While the science and technology of brewing have changed much in the last 400 years, one thing remains true: You don’t have to be a Puritan or a pilgrim to enjoy the pulchritude of Lilja’s Pulling Boat Pale Ale.   

Pictured on the label is Svea, a Spanish cedar and mahogany clinker-built Ship Chandler’s Fancy Whitehall built in South Bristol, Maine by Shew & Burnham. During the summer and autumn, Svea is occasionally spotted plying Wisconsin’s tranquil inland waters, recollections of her former days quietly in tow.  

Brewed By Cheeseheads Behind The Cheddar Curtain....Ya Betcha







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