Where Malt, Hops, Yeast & Water Come Together  

                     Lilja’s Argosy I.P.A.
(East India Pale Ale)

Technical Specifications

Alcohol/v:  6.1%
Hop Variety: Merkur, Cascade,
EK Golding
Degrees Plato: 14.5
International Bittering Units:  (IBUs): 88
Yeast Strain: Wyeast 1272
(American Ale 2)
Dry Hopped: no
Filtered: yes
Calories Per 12/0z. bottle: 204


Like the steam engine and the spinning jenny, the beer style known as pale ale was born in England during the Industrial Revolution. Beginning in the early 17th Century, country brewers in the English Midlands began using coke-fueled fires to dry malt. These controlled fires allowed maltsters to produce lightly kilned malts suitable for brewing pale beers. Later the mass-production of clear, inexpensive drinking vessels added a new, visual dimension to the consumers’ drinking pleasure. As the Revolution expanded, populations shifted from rural counties to the industrial centers of London, Manchester and Birmingham. With this economic shift came thirsty factory workers, disposable income and more discerning tastes. The same impetus that fostered the establishment of porter as a daily libation in Great Britain eventually made pale ale the beer of preference within the British sphere of influence.

Lilja’s Argosy India Pale Ale is hand-crafted using a variety of choice American two-row malted barley. The hop bill includes the traditional signature English ale hop, East Kent Golding, as well as imported Bavarian hops from the Hallertau hop-growing region of southern Germany.  Employing the old German technique of first-wort hopping, the entire quantity of hops is added to the brew kettle just prior to heating. The wort is then boiled for ninety minutes with no additional hops being added to the kettle. After boiling the wort is force-cooled and fermented using a selected and pure strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a top-fermenting brewing  yeast. 

 After several days of fermentation at 66-68 degrees Fahrenheit, the wort is now ale.  Before bottling, the ale is filtered and cold-conditioned to insure quality and freshness. The science and technology of brewing have changed much in the last 400 years, yet one thing remains true: You don’t have to be aboard the Argo or live in Burton or Bombay to enjoy a bottle of Lilja’s Argosy India Pale Ale.

The malt bill of 2%, ten Lovibond crystal malt and 98% pale ale malt gives the Argosy its sparkling golden hue. Its color reminds us of the mythological Golden Fleece so eagerly sought by Jason and the Argonauts. Jason assembled Greece’s greatest heroes and sailed forth to Colchis aboard the Argo in quest of the mystical fleece. On this epic journey Jason and his mates are attacked by brutal beasts, besieged by fierce warriors and seduced by beautiful women. Greek mythology suggests that Argus was the builder of the Argo. When building the ship, Argus cuts a beam from the divine tree of Dodona, which foretells the future. Unfortunately Greek mythology doesn’t tell us whether or not Jason or the Argonauts quenched their thirsts with beer. However, we do know that you’ll enjoy this premium India Pale Ale, whether you’re relaxing in your favorite chair reading Greek mythology or chowing down on fish-n-chips at the local watering hole after a rugby match. So, like Jason and his mates, be audacious (very audacious) and make sure a couple of pints of Lilja’s Argosy IPA are within reach.          

Brewed By Cheeseheads Behind The Cheddar Curtain....Ya Betcha

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